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Honcho supplies offers a range of durable, fire retardant, anti-microbial, water resistant and non-slip products to protect your commercial, civil or residential construction sites from spills, stains, cracks, rust and general damage.

Our impact protection comes in the form of a heavy-duty, synthetic board that can be used internally or externally to protect flooring from heavy machinery like forklifts and general construction traffic. This board is flame retardant, water-resistant and offers high compression strength. 



Chief Board HD - HCBHD15

High visibility safety mats are used to create a safe, slip-resistant walk-way on your construction site. These durable mats are placed in high foot traffic zones onsite where the ground is uneven like on gravel, rocks, mud and even snow. 





All-Terrain Mat - ATM4

For indoor projects, we offer slip-resistant construction mats that are easy to apply. With a unique self-stick surface, simply peel off the backing paper and apply to sensitive surfaces including marble, sheet vinyl, laminated flooring, engineered hardwood floors, porcelain /ceramic tiles, epoxy, metals and glass. Simple to remove - no residue.

Tack Mat Range - LTTM200, HTTM250, HITM700

The specialty concrete protection system is the perfect solution for large-scale commercial projects. Featuring a two-layer protection system, this solution creates a non-slip barrier which adheres seamlessly to your work surfaces including polished or raw concrete, marble, granite, sealed hardwood and more. Protect your surfaces from machinery damage, spills, water (mould and bacteria), rust, paint, debris and dirt.




HT Commercial Mat - HTCM250

Our carpet protection offers the ultimate stain protection solution for construction and renovation projects. This durable, commercial-grade protection layer can be used for interior applications on carpeted stairs, foyers, hallways and more. The carpet protection protects carpets for up to 3 months from oil and paint spills as well as debris from foot traffic. Importantly the product can be applied for up to 3 months without leaving a sticky residue, so once the job is complete, simply remove the protective layer and dispose.

Carpet Cover - CTM120

For a temporary window and glass protectant that works against construction site spills and splatters, consider our glass protection. This easy spray or roll on solution works for up to 12 months protecting delicate surfaces from cement and paint splatters as well as welding and grinding sparks. Our solution is fire resistant and can be used on glass, windows, panels, metals (aluminium, stainless steel), balustrades and cladding. 




Glass Advanced - UVA20


Trading as Skudo AUS until July 2020, the business decided to take on an opportunity to expand our offering and cater to a broader market. By doing so we now have the freedom to range not only surface protection products, but other innovative and complementary products too.


In recognition of this change and our expanding portfolio, we decided to relaunch the business and trade under the new banner of Honcho Supplies. 

Our range will continue to stock the very best protection options in market, including Skudo, however, will also grow to include other surface protection and ancillary construction items, hence our name change.



Hindmarsh Construction

“As a Site Manager in the industry over 20 years, plastic and corflute has been relied upon as a material to protect finished surfaces. Maintaining this was always challenging and often contributed to costly defects and poor quality handovers. The industry is changing and the mindset of builders and clients is shifting. Investing the time in choosing the right material, allowing the cost in the budget and applying the right way does save time and money. The Honcho team's products are being used on our sites and are fast proving to be reliable, effective and the primary source for protection products”.

Greg Byrne, Site Manager

Taylor Construction

“I had the opportunity to use Honcho Supplies products on a large-scale school project earlier this year. I needed to protect a series of finished bathroom from damage and was particularly impressed with the Adhesive systems. They held up really well and gave that extra level of protection that I haven’t experienced before. Due to the product performance, we have partnered with the Honcho team to ensure all our sites are protected. I look forward to using their products again on future projects”.

Dean Turnbull, General Foreman

Tech Built Perth


“At some stage of the construction process, especially on higher end projects, you’re going to need to protect the finished surfaces, be it from foot traffic, moisture, spills or potential impacts. I’ve never found a product that does it all, tried ply but can scratch, corflute has not impact protection, Ram Board is good, but can’t be reused, a constant battle in protecting surfaces until now. The impact board supplied by Honcho Supplies was next level, it’s a light weight, felt-backed, honeycomb constructed plastic that comes in sheet form. It has the impact resistance equal to 19mm ply, doesn’t scratch the surface and can be reused, saving on continuous purchase costs. If you’ve been looking for a floor protection solution, this may be the perfect solution for you”.

Christian Meredith, Owner



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